About Us
Wallaby Golf International, aims to provide beyond just techniques but an unforgettable golf experience for your little ones. Embossed with a hint of Australian-styled golf teachings and programs, WGI is tailor-made specially for your child, from ages 5-12, executed with coaches that are under direct tutelage from Australian PGA Professionals.

Brian and Kim’s combined experience of more than 60 years as P.G.A. Golf Professional have designed an innovative learning system that integrates fun while learning motor skills, (athletic motion) fitness, and golf basics.

Coaches are required to complete compulsory training of Child Development Course, similar to Pre-schooler teachers, 30hrs of attachment with the Professionals.

Sophisticated Learning Environment

To create a safe and fun enviroment for children to learn.

To assist children develop their skills and to gain an understanding and sense of the game

“Wallaby Golf will develop your child’s motor skills and their golf skills, in a fun and creative environment”

Brian Galvin (Training Director)
Member of the PGA Australia (AAA) and Singapore PGA Senior Coach at Seletar Country Club.

“We developed Wallaby Golf as a means to give children a better and broader understanding of the great game of golf”

Kim Baldwin (Technical Director) Member of the PGA Australia (AAA) and Singapore PGA Previously Coach of Singapore Sports Council’s Golf Excellence Program

Our Structured Program
Joey 1: Intro to P.G.A. – Posture, Grip and Alignment, Half swing, Controlled swing and Putting
Joey 2: Recapping and reviewing P.G.A. consolidating the fundamentals of the half swing, Intro to full swing, fundamentals of putting
Joey 3: Transition to Xtreme clubs with P.G.A. and refinements on controlled swing
Joey 4: Half swings to more specific chipping and pitching