Why Us

SLI is not your average, run-of-the-mill swimming school.
We are glad to inform you that:

    • Your child’s safety is our first priority –

    Our teachers are qualified in water rescue, resuscitation and first aid!

    • We have a structured programme –

    We are one of the swim schools that have a structured programme, ensuring that your child will learn swimming techniques in a systematic way. Our programmes are based on the world renown Australian method of swimming.

    • Our Instructors receive early Childhood management training –

    We are proud to say that we are one of the few swim schools that provides early childhood management training to our coaches and caregivers.  This is to enable them to effectively and sensitively handle the little ones.

      • Patience and fun are the cornestones of our method –

      We understand that children learn at different rates. We adopt a patient approach to teaching towards their individual needs. Our lessons are designed to be fun for the kids.

      • Our coach-to-student ratio is very low –

      We intentionally keep our classes small so as to ensure that your child will get proper attention.

      • We have programmes for students of all ages –

      Our programmes cater to children from as young as just 6 months old.

      • Certificates and Reports are issued for each progress level –

      This gives your child a sense of achivement and enable parents to track the progress of your child’s learning.

      • We provide caregivers for children centres –

      We are the only swimming school to provide our childcare centres with caregivers to help childcare center staff look after’ bathe and dress the children. These caregivers are trained in first aid and early childhood management.

      • Our system motivates children to improve –

      We use a combination of encouragement and a rewards system to motivate children to improve.