SLI Swimming Academy – Your trusted swimming academy in the heart of Singapore.

You’re Only One Swim Away from a Good Mood

The trusted swimming academy that helps your child learn and unlock his swimming potential with coaching from experienced coaches, instructional drills, and Olympic Size swimming pool in Bukit Merah, Singapore.

Your First Stroke to Swimming Pro

At SLI Swimming Academy, we have an amazing team of highly trained swimming coach that has taught more than 1000 swimmers over the years with dedication and patience. We handpicked the most suitable coach based on the type of training so that each student gets the most out of each lesson. 

Children’s Learn-to-Swim Programme

Learn-To-Swim Programme allows your child to learn the correct swimming fundamentals, and improve his swimming abilities. Through this programme, your child will be able to swim confidently in the pool and compete against others of similar age group. Now your child will get the best quality training as we ensure a 1:5 trainer to trainee ratio.

Baby & Toddler Swim Programme

For Age: 18 months to 30 months


  • Contributes to the positive development of the child
  • Allows the child to acquire vital life-long water safety skills
  • Strengthens the bond between parent and child

Adult Aquatics & Fitness Programme

  • Adult Learn to Swim
  • Lifesaving 1, 2, 3
  • Aqua Aerobics & Aqua Zumba

Competitive Swimming Programme

The competitive swimming programme is conducted by our alliance partner, Aquarian Aquatic School, headed by NCAP Master Coach, Elsie Kang.

3 Simple Step to Swimming like a Fish

Our unique swimming training program teaches exactly what your child needs to be confident in the water and get better and strive for the best.

Book Your First Swimming Lesson

We want you to come in and understand how we conduct our training before committing to our lessons. Book your lesson via the form below.

Swimming Induction & Assessment 

Our coach will pay close attention to your child and understand his strength & weakness. At the same time, your child will get to know the coach and the environment and get inducted to the program.

Be a Lifelong Swimmer

Your child gets to continue to learn swimming and keep surpassing his limits at his coach close guidance!

Teaching Swimming Since 2005

SLI Swimming Academy has been teaching swimming since 2005. That’s a whopping 15 years! Many of our past students have become swimming coaches, competitive swimmers and outstanding young adults. Some of which are giving back to the community by teaching the next generation of young swimmers using SLI swimming lesson methodology that we had perfected again throughout all these years. 

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